How Pastor Kim Works With Students 


To be resilient and productive, students must prioritize emotional and spiritual wellness. Pastor Kim's transformative approach liberates them from insecurities and self-doubt, unlocking joy, healing, and wholeness. 

Suggested Presentation Options

 You’re Free To Be Free! - How To Breakup With What’s Breaking You

This message will challenge students to tap into the power they have to set themselves free from disempowering circumstances so they can radically shift the trajectory of their school experience, relationships, and personal lives.

Stop Being A Robot! - You’re Free to Be YOU! 

This message is a call to all students to fully invest in their God-given uniqueness, so that they can become radical individuals who not only change the world, but also live happy, healthy, and complete lives.

Jesus, I Don’t Like Your Bride! - Finding Freedom in Jesus When The Church Hurt You

This message will help students believe they can still have a freeing, thriving relationship with God and his people even after traumatic experiences with people in religious settings. 


Suggested Workshop Options

Positive Sex Ethics For Better Relationships On Campus 

On campus, students are growing and developing their social skills. With Pastor Kim, they will have a chance to delve deeper into their spiritual and personal growth by understanding biblically-based principles to guide their decisions around sex. These principles promote healthy relationships that will honor their faith and give them a solid foundation for lifelong fulfilling relationships.

Prioritizing a Joy-Filled You

This generation places a premium on emotional wellbeing, and there's no better way to achieve it than with Pastor Kim's signature BLISS Plan. Pulling from her experience as an educator, Pastor Kim's interactive workshop is the perfect platform to get your students started on their journey towards joy-centered living. With her expert guidance, students will leave with a unique "BLISS" plan that will change their lives forever. 



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