How Pastor Kim Works With Faith-Based Organizations 


When you work with Kimberly, you're unlocking the potential of your employees and helping them become their best selves. This not only benefits your organization socially and ethically, but it can also prevent high turnover rates and attract top talent from diverse backgrounds. Kimberly provides the tools you need to empower your team and unleash their creativity - so you can focus on what really matters. Let’s transform your workplace with Kimberly. 

Suggested Presentation Options

 You’re Free To Be Free! - How To Breakup With What’s Breaking You

This message will challenge audiences to tap into the power they have to set themselves free from disempowering circumstances so they can radically shift the trajectory of their careers, relationships, and personal lives.

Stop Being A Robot! - You’re Free to Be YOU! 

Retaining your best people is directly related to how comfortable they are in bringing their unique, diverse voices, ideas, and perspective to the table. Pulling from her decades of experience as an innovative leader, teacher, and pastor, this message will liberate audiences to invest heavily in their uniqueness to elevate their relationships, teams, and organizations.



Suggested Workshop Options

What’s Your Unique S.O.U.N.D?

Get ready for an empowering and interactive workshop that will reveal your employees' or clients' unique, creative edge. With Pastor Kim's signature S.O.U.N.D System Method, they will unlock their potential to transform their personal life, families, and even the workplace. Don't miss out on this fun-filled opportunity!

Prioritizing a Joy-filled Workplace

Pastor Kim is a trauma survivor who understands the significance of emotional and mental health. Her signature BLISS Method inspires and empowers organizations to prioritize their clients' and employees' well-being, fostering joy-filled environments. By following her spunky, bubbly lead, you'll create a workplace where people are passionate about their responsibilities,  productivity is high, and morale soars. 

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