Discover how to embrace and celebrate your sexuality without fear, guilt or shame!



Woman of God!

What would it feel like to:

  • Enjoy authentic relationships without the weight of sexual shame? 

  • Embrace your sexuality with no fear of disappointing the heart of God or ruining your witness?

  • Deepen your relationship with God without feeling like you have to give up your sexual desires?

If this sounds like you, I have good news!

  • It’s possible to have peace about your sexuality! 

  • It’s possible to embrace your sexuality! 

  • It’s possible to express your sexuality without shame AND still deepen your connection with God!


Join the Stop the Shame Challenge Now!


Can you feel the joy creeping up within you?

Well, let me introduce you to:


The Stop the Shame Challenge! 

Overcome religious sexual shame using biblical teachings and strategies


The Stop the Shame Challenge was created to help you:

Turn on your inner confidence!

So you can enjoy living in your body by building up your courage to accept, express and embrace your sexuality!

Turn off your brokenness!

So that you can finally feel accepted by God’s love and not feel like a disappointment.

Turn up your wisdom and discernment!

By gaining confidence and clarity on how to navigate sex ethics like a boss!

The Time is Now to Finally Experience:

  • Freedom to accept your sexual desires and needs!

  • Freedom to connect with your body in healthy, sensual ways!

  • Freedom to show up as your authentic sexy self in relationships!

  • Freedom to deepen your understanding of how much God loves the real you!

  • Freedom to reframe your sexual past in a way that brings healing and wholeness!

  • Freedom to explore your sexuality without compromising your faith!


The Stop The Shame Challenge includes

An Inspirational Word Each Night

Powerful liberating teachings that will bring peace to your sexual situation and deepen your confidence in who you are in Christ.

Daily Action Items

Activities that provide a safe vehicle to explore your sexuality without fear, ridicule or judgment.

Your Personal Stop The Shame Plan 

Develop a unique plan that will move you towards embracing your sexuality as a gift so you never ever have to be ashamed again!

Are you ready to:


  • Stop being confused about your sexuality because of what you’ve been taught by the church and culture?

  • Stop being afraid that embracing your sexuality will lead to breaking to God’s heart?

  • Receive guidance on how to celebrate your sexuality without shame?

Here’s how the 3 day
Stop The Shame Challenge works!

Stop The CONTROL of sexual shame!

Gain confidence to accept God’s grace for your situation

Stop the CONFUSION because of sexual shame!

Gain clarity around your beliefs about sex

Stop the CONFLICT that results in sexual shame!
Gain the courage to reconnect with your body, desires and pleasures

  Here’s how your life will change!

You’ll gain courage to

  • Release deep levels of religious sexual shame and trauma

  • Get over feeling like a disappointment to God

  • Express and embrace your sexuality with NO SHAME!

  • Navigate sex ethics in relationships with wisdom and discernment

  • Are you ready to experience this transformation?




  • Daily prayer & Devotional each morning
  • Inspirational Teaching every night
  • Daily Action Items
  • Completed Stop The Shame Master Plan




  • Regular Admission Plus:
  • Shame Free Question Session after each teaching
  • Exclusive Accountability Group Chat
  • 14 Day Session Replays
  • Sacred Sensuality Playlist
  • How to Develop Your Own Sex Ethics Video Download.

Let me introduce myself to you!

I’m your favorite Sex Positive Pastor and Founder of The Love God, Love Sex Movement!

Your favorite Sex Positive Pastor and Founder of The Love God, Love Sex Movement!

I created the Stop The Shame Challenge when I realized that religious sexual shame has sooooo many women in a chokehold. There are so many church girls confused and conflicted about their sexuality because of what we were taught! Ugh!

There are single AND married women terrified that embracing their sexuality is a slippery slope to damnation and separation from God and it’s a honor to finally set women free from this toxic mindset!

We’ve looked for answers in church groups, memes, books and blogs but still the icky residue of sexual shame lingers and doesn’t want to let go.

Thankfully, there’s a solution that I’m soooo excited to share with you ladies!

I know the Stop The Shame Challenge will bring about a powerful transformation for you! Let's go! 

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