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How Pastor Kim Works With Women 

Pastor Kim provides solutions for women to help boost their productivity, resilience, and confidence through spiritual and emotional wellness. She does this by setting women free from insecurities and self-doubt rooted in religious trauma, patriarchy, and purity culture so they can be bold enough to be happy, healed, and whole. 

Suggested Presentation Options

Jesus, I Don’t Like Your Bride! - Finding Freedom in Jesus When The Church Hurt You


This message will help women believe they can still have a freeing, thriving relationship with God and his people even after traumatic experiences with people in religious settings. 

You’re Free To Be Free! - How To Breakup With What’s Breaking You


This message will challenge women to tap into the power they have to set themselves free from disempowering circumstances so they can radically shift the trajectory of their relationships, careers, and personal lives.

Stop Being A Robot! - You’re Free to Be YOU! 


This message will liberate women to invest heavily in their God-given uniqueness so they can be happy, healed and whole

Suggested Presentation Options

Prioritizing Your Joy! - Creating A Life That De-Centers Your Trauma


Sis, you are NOT your trauma. I promise God wants you to live! You can choose to believe it’s possible to live after your pain, heartbreak, and abuse. Pastor Kim will help you come away with a created plan tailor-made for your joy-centered living regardless of the horrible experiences you’ve endured using her signature BLISS Plan

Fearless Femininity From The Boardroom to the Bedroom! 

Using her 7 Laws of Liberation as a guide, this is a fun, interactive experience that encourages women to release the societal, patriarchal, and religious bondage around their womanhood so they can be happy, healed, and whole


Mommy & Me 


Every parent wants to guide and direct their children toward happy and healthy relationships, but what happens when your own relational and religious demons get in the way of helping your child? This interactive breakout session is for mothers who have experienced religious and/or sexual trauma to think differently about having healthy, liberating conversations about sex with their children that won’t compromise their values.


Sex Ethics For Church Girls 


Whether married, single, divorced, or widowed, learn biblical principles for guiding your decisions about sex that won’t compromise your faith.

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